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"Music that changed the World"

Pass It On Series

Buddy Holly

4 Part Music and Film Series

Jukebox Music Productions, LLC is bringing together for the first time, a number of world famous recording artists to create a tribute project celebrating and commemorating the genius and short lives of unmatched classic, rock, soul and country artists tragically lost too soon and their influence on the world of music.

The project is called PASS IT ON. The passing on to the next generation of the songs and influence on Rock and Roll that these great artists have left to the world.

Jimi Hendrix
Pass It On is a 4-part series of major music and film projects that will include in each part a theatrical documentary film and a 2-CD set of over 20 new recordings of the classic hits performed by some of the biggest artists today. Also included in the music will be original recordings of the big hits, rarities of never heard before live and studio recordings and new recordings by historical acts who lived as part of the story.

All of the recording sessions and artist interviews will be included in the documentary film. The bio/film will also include never-before-seen footage of private memorabilia, personal family interviews, as well as concert footage.

Otis Redding
What makes the Pass It On Series so unique? Each Pass It On film is like an event. We are both reliving and renewing an era, and the great music. We are Passing On the legacy of these great artists by telling the stories of their lives and capturing the magic of their music once again and putting that out in a whole new light that will be current and timely.

From the tragic plane crash where we lost Buddy, Ritchie and the Bopper-- the day the music died and Rock 'n Roll forever lost its innocence-- to other tragedies that took some of the best talent and innovators from us, Pass It On celebrates their lives and music from seminal music from the 50's. 60's and 70's and brings them to today's audience with loving historical perspective.

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"I can't remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride, but something touched me deep inside, the day the music died."

Don Mclean

INgrooves Fontana Distribution

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